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**Reposted from Imzy ... and awaiting images**

The second stop on our leisurely stroll through canon: Iron Klaus.

We first met Dorian in A Thousand Kisses, where we were introduced to his highly-organised art theft enterprise, and his penchant for pretty boys. In this second story, we meet the man who becomes his adversary and his heart’s desire, Major Klaus von dem Eberbach.

Their rivalry is established early. They meet when Dorian goes to Schloss Eberbach to view the family art collection. Klaus is disgusted by his flashy car, his flamboyant clothing, and his arrogant demeanour. This is also where Dorian first lays eyes on The Man in Purple, the portrait of Klaus’s ancestor Tyrian Persimmon.

Iron Klaus also shows us that the Major isn’t all stern adherence to duty and uncompromising determination to defeat his enemies – although he certainly has those traits in spades! Isolated inside a chilly Leopard tank with Dorian and Caesar Gabriel, he reveals that he does have aesthetic sensibilities after all – idiosyncratic as they might be.

This is the story in which we see the last of Caesar, Sugar Plum, Leopard, and Inspector Bannai, and the focus shifts onto Dorian and Klaus, and their respective teams.

Was this a change for the better? Do you regret the disappearance of the telepathic teens? Should Aoike have kept Bannai on the scene? What do you make of Klaus’s somewhat ambiguous regard for Dorian at the end of the story? Is The Man in Purple worth more than a Leopard tank?

And recs! Which fanfics referencing Iron Klaus do you like? How have fic writers played with the ideas from this story?


Thinking about fanworks that reference this story:

Violets Exchanged for a Blue Steel Tank by BT, who also goes by the name Stranger. With a delicate touch, the author retells the 'tank incident', and shows us a Klaus full of conflict – a Klaus who has been hiding his sexual preferences since his teenage years. He thinks it is 'safer' if he and Eroica are enemies - because Eroica poses other very real dangers to the facade he's built up over many years. It's a short piece, but well worth reading. (As are all of BT's FEWL stories.)

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