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**Reposted from Imzy - and awaiting images**

The rivalry between Eroica and the Major was established at their first meeting, back in the second story, Iron Klaus. The third story, Achilles' Last Stand, continues the pattern.

The story is a fast moving farce, with characters coming and going, and situations changing at a rapid pace. We see Dorian and Klaus collaborating for the first time when circumstances throw them together. We learn that Klaus doesn’t like being approached by women any more than by men; and once again we see that for all his railing against Eroica, Klaus seems to be ambivalent in his feelings toward him.

The story revolves around a 3 metre high statue of Achilles, which both Dorian and Klaus want, but for very different reasons.

One of Klaus’s men had hidden a microfilm on the statue (under the skirt of Achilles’ chiton) before fleeing from enemy agents on a mission in England. Klaus, irate at the man’s failure, sends him to Alaska as a punishment. Klaus is then assigned to personally retrieve the microfilm from the statue, so he heads for England.

The statue, meanwhile, has been moved to the British Museum for safekeeping, and just as Klaus and his men are poised to claim the statue and search it, Dorian and his gang appear (in their zeppelin) and whisk the statue away. Dorian next decides to go to Portugal and take the statue with him, but James objects at the expense involved and persuades Dorian to send it by ship instead.

En route to Portugal, the ship is taken over by hijackers, whose plan is to hold the wealthy passenger the Baronne de Brioche for ransom, and demand money from the Italian government in exchange for the ship.

The Eroica gang and the NATO intelligence unit arrive on board the ship at the same time, both determined to get the statue back – only to discover that it had been detained by the authorities in Calais.

The title of this story is, of course, an allusion to the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

Fan fic links

I had a look for fics that reference this story. Quite a number mention the incidents in this story in passing, but these two adopt more detail to develop their own plots.

Very Secret Diaries 3: Achilles' Last Stand, by Kadorienne A retelling of the story in the form of parallel diaries written by Klaus and Dorian.

Guns and Roses by DarkShadowsFalling This fic is not specific to Achilles Last Stand; it's a retelling from Klaus's POV of early stories from canon, leading to his recounting of how he developed and finally gave in to his desire for Dorian.

Readers, please feel free to add other recs of stories with a link (however small) to Achilles Last Stand!
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