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**Reposted from Imzy ... and awaiting images**

Dorian is on his way to Greece, to steal a jade Buddha statue that is to be exhibited at an event in Athens. This doesn’t please James, who is annoyed by Dorian’s decision to abandon his pursuit of the Achilles statue, and disapproves of thefts that don’t bring in any cash income.

Meanwhile, Klaus is also making plans to go to Greece, in pursuit of a KGB spy called Maya Bulgakova. Bulgakova is romancing Yanis Phaerikis, a young Greek shipping magnate – who also happens to be the man presenting the exhibition at which the jade statue will be on show. In reality, she holds him in contempt, but the KGB is keen to gain control of the shipping empire.

Phaerikis’ Board of Directors don’t think much of Yanis, however, and they’re plotting to bring his late father’s illegitimate daughter Daphne in to take over the firm. NATO decides to assist, in order to block the KGB from gaining influence over the company, and Agent G is brought in to play the part of Daphne.

As with Achilles’ Last Stand, the action is fast moving and complicated. The KGB agent tries to recruit Dorian to her cause, but fails. Dorian intervenes to rescue G when the KGB plan to get rid of him, leading to a car chase that ends in a spectacular crash.

Maya Bulgakova escapes, and she steals the jade Buddha as well; Klaus and Dorian, with their respective teams, give chase – and for a while it looks as if each is going to get what he wants. Alas, a mix-up involving identical trucks means they don't.

A story that references Love in Greece:

Schatz, by Sue Castle A re-telling of several stories from canon, beginning with the car crash from Love in Greece. Klaus’s point of view. The story is on AO3. Until recently I’ve been able to find this writer’s own archive on the web but it seems, sadly, to have disappeared at last. It’s sad when collections disappear. This writer has, thankfully, shifted her fic over to AO3 – and hopefully that will be around for a while. (Sue Castle also writes under the names Glacis and Seeker. Her other works are worth checking out.)

Can anyone else recommend a story with a link to Love in Greece?


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