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1. First and foremost, be nice. The Major doesn't know we're here and we would like to keep it that way.

2. Posts must be directly related somehow to "From Eroica with Love," Ms. Aoike's other works, or the Eroica fandom. Please keep social chatter to the comments and keep the main entries on topic.

3. Fiction is welcome, but should be hidden behind an cut. (See rule 4 for more on this.) Pictures, scans, fanart, and the link are also welcome, but again, should be behind an LJ-cut. Not everyone has broadband. Our sister community, [community profile] castlegloria has been set up exclusively for fan fiction and fan art and is heavily tagged for this purpose.

4. Smut is encouraged. Be it fan fiction, fan art or misc scans relating to topic. Please put a rating on your posting. (G, PG-13, R, NC-17) The latter two ratings MUST be placed behind an cut and MUST be friends-locked. This way, only community members will see the protected entry; search engines, random visitors, and underage internet users will not. Also, some folks read their journals at work or in other non-private environments, and these posts may show up on the friends-friends lists of people who are not Eroicafen.

5. Warnings. Please use them if your post is sexually explicit and/or contains graphic violence. Some folks squick easy.

6. Ads for merchandise are okay, but please delete them once the sale/auction has ended. If you do not delete them, they will be deleted for you by the mod.

7. Introductory "Hi, I'm here!" posts are not welcome. If you wish to introduce yourself while asking an Eroica question or bringing up a discussion point, great. But don't post just to introduce yourself. Just don't. These too will be deleted by the mod.

8. Feedback is not just welcome, it is encouranged. Talk to us!

9. Homophobia outside of the fictional context is not welcome. Neither are trolls. Any of the latter found herein will be handed over to the Major for target practice.

-- Margaret


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